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logoThe first step toward building your dream home is deciding which floor plan meets your desires and budget. You can choose from our existing plans below. We can modify any of our existing plans. Or, we can produce a custom plan that incorporates your plan ideas. If you choose one of our existing plans the next step is to request the Free Plan Review Set for the plan you’ve selected. After you’ve decided which way you’d like to go give us a call.


About California Pre-Cut Homes

CALIF. PRE-CUT HOMES is a licensed dealer for “Pacific Modern Homes, Inc.” PMHI is a custom stick-home building system. This privately owned and operated company has packaged thousands of homes in California since 1968. Their quality panelized wall and roof truss system have all the features one would expect in a standard or custom home, but at a fraction of the cost. Packages start at $12.00 per square foot for small packages and go up to about $35.00 per square foot for larger packages.  Homes, chalets, duplexes, additions, garages and barns, or any building with 2 X 4 or 2 X 6 walls can be panelized by CPH.

Whether you choose from one of our many standard floor plans, or design your own plan, we can help you save 20% to 50% on your new home by using the PMHI building system through CPH. Let us show you how! If you do not see a floor plan you like among our standard floor plans, please use our catalog or other floor plans as a springboard for designing your “Dream Home”. Almost 90% of the structures we deliver are not from our planned design. They are built panelized as custom to your lot or your needs. If you are interested in a plan not in our catalog, please ask about our custom design service. The success of our business is designing and building your “New Dream Building”.

It has been our pleasure to be in this industry since 1976. We look forward to helping you and your family, just like the thousands of families we have helped throughout California and the United States and the world. We were able to help them build their “New Dream Home, Addition, Garage, Barn, Chalet, or Multiple dwelling” with CALIF. PRE-CUT HOMES & Pacific Modern Homes, custom stick-home building system.

California Pre-Cut Homes is a very unique building system specializing in the “Owner Builder Buildings”, by panelizing almost any building. We have deliver from California to Canada, Mississippi River, Mexico & over to Hawaii. California Pre-Cut delivers a wall system with or without windows in the walls. Sizes can vary from 400 to 40,000 sf residential to commercial buildings. Either modify one of our standard plans or we will create a custom plan. We are a “kit home”, we are NOT a modular system (the closest system to stick-building), thus no disclosure when you are securing a loan with a lending institution,  modular systems usually have a lower resale value.  It is not uncommon for many lenders to not be willing to lend on modular homes.  Interesting thing is that most modular packages do not include garage, reason being there is nothing to hold them together when transporting.  Surprisingly we get many calls asking CPH to supply the garages for modular packages.  This being the case why not have CPH supply everything and 100% the way you want the building laid out, custom and no more money.

Calif Pre Cut Homes can custom panelize almost any design you have in mind. We cater to the Owner-Builder, but have had many traditional stick-builders who have chosen to build using our system. In fact, we have had many first time builders use the system and then become general contractors building using our system.

Below you will see the examples of the shell price using our system to the complete “turn-key price” virtually everything needed to move in. It is not uncommon to have new customers challenge and ask why these  prices are so low.  There are many unknown costs that could be higher or even lower, the choice is all your.

We provide a building system that allows you, the owner, to construct your own project called (sweat equity) or to manage your sub contractors (owner/contractor). We manufacture a quality panelized package, consisting of exterior and interior wall panels, roof trusses, and the necessary lumber, nails and hardware to construct a lockable building. We are not limited to just homes. We do additions, garages, chalets, barns, multiple dwellings or any structure with 2 X 4 or 2 X 6 walls. The lumber is Dry Douglas Fir studded walls with 19/32″ T1-11 OSB or 3/8″ OSB siding on which you can apply a stucco siding or lap siding. Then we will set your vinyl dual-pane windows with low-E glass into the wall with flashing around the window frame. The windows will come directly from Milgard window manufacture, which are custom-made to your order. The panels are assembled in the factory for precision fit and then shipped to your job site for construction by you or your contractor.

You are not limited to just our plans. We can work from your plans to create a plan for you. We can also help you with design, drafting, engineering, site plans and Title 24, and anything you need to get a building permit.

We can also help you with financing through several different lending institutions secure loans to build and sometimes help pay off the land.  As an added note with the 2009 to 2012 lending requirements there have been less lenders to pick from in the past 36 years.  Currently there are lenders who are back lending on our packages.

Over 90% of the projects produced by Calif. Pre-Cut Homes are custom design packages. We have delivered thousands of packages consisting of homes, additions, garages, chalets, barns, & multiple dwellings all throughout the United States & the world. Our smallest package was a 10′ x 12′ shed, that was up in one day and one of our largest packages was a 22,000 sq. ft. apartment building in downtown Oakland, framed in 55 days. A 7,000 sq. ft., one-story bed-and-breakfast retreat on the big island of Hawaii was framed in 5 weeks, as well as a 7,000 sq. ft. two-story house in the Oakland/Piedmont area framed in 4 weeks.

We will be more than happy to work with you in developing a truly custom and affordable plan. You can choose one of our standard plans and run with it, or modify it to fit your needs. If you already have a completed set of plans with a building permit, we will be able to work with them. We take your plans, look them over and tell you if our product will work for your project. We have a one-time charge of $50.00 for reviewing plans we need two sets of plans with engineering. We prefer to bid your plans when you have a building permit or are about to get a building permit.